Good Start Soothe™

Baby Formula for Sensitive Tummies

Good Start Soothe™ Baby Formula for Sensitive Tummies

Good Start Soothe™ formula is the only infant formula with probiotic L. reuteri. Made to nourish fussy bellies.

Probiotic L. reuteri

Good Start Soothe™ formula with probiotic L. reuteri gives babies what no other formula can.

Comfort Proteins®

Only Good Start® formulas have Comfort Proteins®, 100% whey proteins that have been partially broken down with your baby’s tiny tummy in mind – and they have been scientifically shown to help promote softer poop.§¹

Immune Support

2’-FL is an oligosaccharide similar to those in breast milk and is shown to help support digestive health and the developing immune system.2-4ǁ

DHA & Reduced Lactose 

Good Start Soothe™ formula has expert recommended levels of DHA², an Omega 3 fat, which contributes to your baby’s normal physical brain and eye development. Plus, it contains 30% less lactose compared to other Good Start® milk-based infant formulas.

Over 90% of parents

who switched to GOOD START SOOTHE said their baby was less fussy after the first feed. **,⁶


* Compared to intact protein formulas.
**Infants were exclusively formula fed.
ǁ Not derived from human milk.
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