Frequently Asked Questions


If you find empty shelves at your local retailer, we encourage you to speak to the store’s manager to find out when the next shipment is scheduled to arrive.  

Use the “Where to Buy” tool on our website to find Good Start® products at online retailers or other physical stores near you (always call ahead first to confirm availability). 

Consider a different Good Start® formula format (powder, ready-to-feed, concentrated liquid). Consult your healthcare professional before switching if your baby has specific feeding concerns, and check if they have any samples (this will depend on availability).   

Good Start® infant formulas are nutritionally complete and meet the complete nutritional requirements of healthy term infants from 0 to 12 months.  

For more information, visit:

Since formula products differ from country to country, do your best to travel with enough formula for the duration of your trip—it’s highly recommended. Understanding that extended trips (and packing for baby, right?) may make this difficult, it’s recommended to at least bring some of the formula you’ve used immediately before your trip. 


If you want to be extra prepared, you can consult the e-commerce stores in the country you’ll be visiting to find out what infant formulas are available. Then, you can share that information with your doctor to help determine what will be suitable for your baby. 


Remember: Always discuss any feeding changes with your baby’s doctor.

Be sure to check the package for specific Halal or Kosher symbols. Here are some of the products you’ll find: 



  • Good Start® Alsoy® infant formula  
  • Good Grow® nutritional toddler drink, milk flavour  
  • Good Grow® nutritional toddler drink, vanilla flavour   



  • Good Start® Alsoy® infant formula  

We offer a variety of non-GMO infant formulas — like these: 

  • Good Start®  
  • Good Start® Plus  
  • Good Start Soothe™  
  • Good Start® Alsoy®  

Here are a few ways you can help wave goodbye to clumps for good: 

  • Add the water first: Water, then powder…always. 
  • Test the temp: For the best mixing results, ensure you’re using lukewarm water. 
  • Don’t wait to shake it! Shake the bottle immediately after you’ve added the powder to the water. 


The most essential step? Always following the label instructions—it’s important for the health of your baby. 

Once prepared, formula must be consumed within 1 hour of preparation. Do not prepare and store infant formula in advance. Looking to save time? Sterilize your bottles and fill them with the appropriate amount of sterilized, cooled water ahead of time. Refrigerate and use within 24 hours. For best mixing results, put the bottle in hot water until it is lukewarm prior to adding powder**. Do not add formula until feeding time. 


Following the label instructions is important for the health of your baby. For safety reasons, it is not recommended that formula be reheated if it’s been warmed or left out at room temperature, as there’s an increased risk of bacterial contamination. 


**Do not use a microwave oven to warm formula, as it can produce hot spots in the bottle that can burn your baby.

Excellent question. Storage is very important and differs based on the type of formula. 


Storing opened formula 


Ready-to-feed or Concentrate: Cover and store it up to 24 hours in the refrigerator. 

Powder: Once opened, use within one month. Store the container in a cool, dry place and make sure the lid is tightly closed*. 


Storing unopened formula 


Powder, ready-to-feed or concentrate: Store unopened formula in a cool, dry place (6 – 25° C).  


*Formula storage instructions are stated based on Good Start® infant formula products. Please consult the label for full preparation and use instructions. If using another brand of infant formula, please follow the directions stated on the label. 

Baby Club

Nestlé announced the sale of the Good Start® infant formula brand in Canada and the U.S. to Perrigo Company. While Good Start infant formula products themselves remains the same, Nestlé Baby & Me program as you have known has been discontinued. However, you can still log into your profile till the end of April 30th 2024. In compliance with privacy laws, Perrigo now requires individuals to re-enroll in the new Good Start™  Baby Club program. This is necessary to ensure that you can continue receiving valuable coupons and information.

If you have registered for the Nestlé Baby & me on or before February 29th, 2024 you will continue to receive all the benefits from the program up until end of April 30th 2024. Parents and caregivers can continue to receive timely support and exclusive Good Start® infant formula coupons that are tailored to your baby’s age and stage by signing up to the new Good Start™ Baby Club here.

You bet. In addition to the free Baby Pack, you’ll receive personalized coupons and new baby information in your inbox and mailbox as your baby grows.